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Dr. Elliot Callahan

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[OOC] [11 Oct 2005|03:48pm]
According to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (fourth edition), the definition of overqualified is as follows:

“Educated or skilled beyond what is necessary or desired for a particular job.”

Now to make such an outrageous claim as being ‘overqualified’ for our room does nothing than make one seem to be overly pompous and a bit trifling here. As well, it does nothing but make one look like a jerk to be making such bombastic claims right from the start without first proving their worth, so to say. If one does not have the qualifications and skill to back up such claims they shouldn’t be making them.

Just because one has a large imagination and can envision many things does not make them overqualified, especially if clearly defined staff members tell them such. Those of us who are on staff tend to be quite open-minded individuals and are willing to work with people as much as we can to help give things a more ‘Stargate-esque’ feel to them. However, telling us that ‘we suck’ and then adding some anime-style face does nothing to win us over or help prove your point.

Unfortunately this was such a lackluster event that I simply do not have much else to say about it other than how much I enjoy having stupid people around because it gives me something to write about.
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[OOC, Slight Case Study] [15 Sep 2005|01:06am]
Some people are delusional, living in a world all unto themselves. They feel that they are the ultimate authority and that nothing else applies to them, not even the rules. They feel as if they are the ultimate right and have other superiority complexes. This, unfortunately, is not a rare occurrence in human nature. Far too often there are those out there who believe that they are above all and that everyone is placed on this world simply to cater to their needs and keep them happy.

Let’s take one JD, for example. He is one of these people with a superiority complex. He comes in and believes that he is above the rules and that he doesn’t need to apply. When kindly addressed, he submits a half-assed application, then leaves the little note “this better be worth it,” right there in the same email as the application. Of course, this doesn’t go over well at all. This could have proceeded to have been handled in any number of ways but it was handled in a professional manner and he was kindly told what was wanted for each section of the application. It was a firm, yet overall cordial email to someone that more than likely didn’t deserve the second chance.

Needless to say the email back was short and simple, stating basically “forget it.” It would be easy for someone to deduce that this person was not interested in playing with the established rules or with others. Yet, he still comes in and proceeds to pretend as if he’s the ultimate authority and has every right to be there. When called on this, he basically harasses people and states “wouldn't know an rp if it bit you on the ass

banned in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ...”

Yes. That is everything in his own words, in his own formatting. It’s easy to see why someone like this would not be allowed back. To say such a bold, open statement in public to a group of people known for posting paragraph posts, only makes one wonder about Mr. JD’s true abilities. It could very well be that he is covering for his own inadequacies by being rude and crude, and trying to make himself seem superior to all.

Now, from what transpired it’s easy to see that Mr. JD was not a team player and no amount of friendliness or guidance could help him. Some people are simply beyond reason and not even reproach would have any effect on them. Mr. JD seemed to rather enjoy the negative energy towards him. One way to deal with people like this is to turn negative into positive and enjoy it, yourself, when you find them banned. However this is not really something a psychiatrist should suggest.

While it would have been rather interesting to continue to watch the interaction of such idiots like this, it was simply not possible due to the interruptions and negativity he brought into the area. It is advisable, however, to steer clear of someone like this as a confrontation would probably be in the making.

I had originally planned on writing more about this subject, but not even I can bring myself to truly bring myself down to such a level.
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[29 Aug 2005|06:12pm]
To be totally honest, I can understand how easily it is to fall into the same routines as my patients. By this, I mean the tendency to overwork. Sometimes one doesn't realize how much time they're truly putting in until they take somet time out to stop and it suddenly dawns on them.

However, I still have some papers to finish writing for my research on schizophrenia. It's been a long time coming.
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Ask the Shrink. [07 Aug 2005|11:22pm]
This is where you post your questions to me and I'll answer them for you. This post will also be in the memories to make it easier to find.

So let's hear them and see what I have to offer.
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[21 Feb 2005|04:58pm]
Well. That was certainly an interesting session. But then again, almost all of them tended to be that way in one form or another. Psychiatry was certainly quite an interesting field, if one had the discipline and willingness to go into it. It really wasn’t for those who couldn’t handle listening to other people’s problems all day long and remain objective… and everything else involved. Perhaps that’s why he sometimes was an alcoholic. After having the kind of workload he did and the patients that seemed to find themselves in his office, it was more of a wonder he wasn’t a complete alcoholic. Yet. But that was his own little problem.

After finishing up writing a few more notes, he opened the notebook and grabbed his recorder, clicking it on.

This is Doctor Elliot Callahan, updating the notes on Ms. Laura Endelstein. Ms. Endelstein comes to me with a superiority complex, believing everyone is below her. Not only that, but she believes she can do no wrong and that everything she says or does is correct even though usually quite the opposite is true. She was never a particularly bright person, just overly egotistical all throughout her life. But that stems from what she claims is her ‘extremely beautiful good looks.’

She also possesses a mass of insecurities, believing that everyone is out to get her if they disagree with her. In some aspects, she mirrors Mr. Freese. They both possess some of the same symptoms. It could be that their mental deficiencies are related to one another. I may have to go and look into that at a later date.

Many times Ms. Endelstein tries to sound smart and make ‘witty’ remarks and all she ends up doing is coming across as stupid, slow, and downright idiotic. Of course, it is not in my rights to make such decisions. I’m merely making these observations. Moving on, she often complains of having others simply not understand her wit and humour. From where I stand, I can see why. Quite often, she suddenly states some of the oddest, out-in-left-field statements about absolutely nothing. And usually, she makes some degrading remarks towards my profession and me. But I take everything in stride, as I know she is a patient of mine and that this situation could probably be remedied after much therapy.

From observation, it’s her apparent stupidity that gets in the way of things and hinders normal developmental processes. While she claims that she has never had this problem before and that it just suddenly started, I’m almost positive that it was there from the beginning, it’s roots taking hold in her childhood and only being nurtured and developed as she grew. These tendencies seem only to be reinforced by the kinds of friends she has told me she hangs around with. People that are not so bright and who always look up to her as being the center of attention and everything else. I’d suggest expanding her envelope to include more… smarter people, but I fear that may be a catalyst in helping her snap. So, that option is clearly not viable.

During our next session, I’ll introduce the idea of the dual therapy to Ms. Endelstein and see how well she seems to take it. Though, from our previous interactions, I feel as if she would accept this with open arms, seeing it as a forum in which she can ‘dazzle’ someone else with her ‘brilliance’.

After clicking off the recorder, he sighed softly to himself and made a few notes, preferably to check the similarities between Ms. Endelstein and Mr. Freese. Perhaps group therapy would benefit for these two and they could work their problems out together, seeing how closely they paralleled one another often times. It was certainly an interesting notion, that was for sure.
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[21 Feb 2005|04:57pm]
Leaning back into his chair, Elliot sighed softly to himself. Why did he get some of the stupid people sometimes? Sometimes, he swore that they just never ended. That there was probably a plentiful stock somewhere that had his name on it. And when one left, another one appeared. Sometimes they assaulted him in groups, three or four at a time. It just never really ended.

Reaching for his recorder, he made sure his notes were in order and then turned it on.

This is Doctor Elliot Callahan, updating the notes on Stan Freese. This man has problems. Many, many problems. Some of them on so many levels. In fact, his problems even overlap one another. He’s got delusions of grandeur on scales in which I have never seen. Not only that, but he seems to have this fixation that everyone in the world is out to get him. One simply cannot have their own opinion around him for fear of him thinking it is some sort of attack directed towards him in which he responds in a negative manner.

So far, treatment has been pretty slow as Mr. Freese seems unable and unwilling to cooperate with any efforts made on my behalf for intervention. While others may simply write Mr. Freese off as untreatable, I’m still trying to find a way to penetrate this shell of his and get him the therapy he so very needs. It’s a long, slow process, but I’m not one to give up too easily.

I’ve suggested that he try writing down his thoughts and feelings in a journal, but this has been a rather fruitless and pointless effort. His journal entries consistently consist of just one or two lines, nothing more, nothing less. He also has rather poor penmanship and it appears that fifth grade children have a better grasp on spelling that he does. But, none-the-less, that is only the tip of the iceberg, I fear. I have even gone as far as to try to give him some writing prompts to go off of. These prompts I give him are usually good-sized paragraphs, sometimes indepth and always open-ended so that there would be no limit as to where his response to could take him. But, alas, this has also proven to be rather fruitless.

Mr. Freese lacks adequacy in his writing, I’m afraid. Perhaps it has always been a weak subject of his, or perhaps he just doesn’t see the point in it. I’m not sure which it is. But there’s really no excuse for his poor spelling habits. It’s in my professional opinion that this is a reflection of his inner character, his inner being. He’s perhaps a scared child trapped in the reality of an adult who yearns to escape to someplace far safer.

Perhaps I’ll work on that idea there next and see if that gets me any closer to figuring out what makes Mr. Freese tick.

Clicking off the recorder, he sighed softly to himself. Well. That was certainly an interesting case there right there. One Mr. Stan Freese. The man was certainly a tough nut to crack, but Elliot was as persistent and dedicated to him as he was with all his patients.
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[01 Nov 2004|05:39pm]
We all have our good days and our bad days, and some of them turn out to be bad more often than not. Though, technically, I wouldn't classify it as a bad day. Just a normal day at work. But I won't go into that, as there are times and places for things of that nature.

But what I will, however, mention is the sheer stupidity of some people and their mental illnesses. Take, for example, the dandy I had today. My one o'clock appointment ended up being three hours long. Why? Because she insisted that I hold a session with the two other 'people' who were living in her head as well.

Excuse me while Mr. Head and Mr. Desk have a short but passionate affair next to the keyboard.

On the other hand, I am fully intent on billing all three 'people.'
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[28 Oct 2004|01:10am]
What? Did you really expect some sort of real entry from me for my first one? Well, you're expecting far too much. This is just one of those sort of odd, placeholding first ones because I still need to set this thing up. And when that is done... you should probably be afraid.
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